2608 California Road
Elkhart, IN 46514
(574) 262-5600
Mr. Mark Tobolski - Principal

July 9, 2011

Welcome to Polaris 



This has been an exciting new adventure for us, and a small learning community has begun to provide your child with one of the best possible educations due to a number of factors: committed educators, a smaller learning environment, consistency, and team members who personally know your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  The staff members who are involved with this team would like to take this opportunity to clarify some points and explain what it means to be a member of Polaris:

    — Many of you may be wondering what the significance of Polaris is. Polaris is the North Star by which every sailor in history has used to guide their journeys. For us, it is symbolic of a journey and destination—not where we start with your child, but our voyage together as we encourage and develop your child’s personal and educational potential, so that they are ultimately prepared for success in various post-secondary opportunities.
   — Our team mantra is “Always know where you are and where you are going.”
   — Team Polaris is made up of five content specific teachers, one guidance counselor, and one administrator:


Team Polaris Members
Language Arts Mrs. Coleen Shook  Ms. Jean Clements
Social Studies
Science Mrs Geetha John  




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