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Mr. Mark Tobolski - Principal

March 23, 2012



The Charger Learning Community was established at Memorial High School beginning in 2009-2010.  The purpose is to focus freshmen on academics and incorporate strategic interventions which will help increase students’ chances of graduating within four years.  Statistically, students drop out of school if they fail more than one of their CORE classes (language arts, math, science and social studies) and receive less than 10 credits after their freshmen year.  At the same time, students build a bond with their peers and teachers, which is the quintessence of the academy.

Faculty designed the CLC to connect with students and create an environment which promotes academic and social competencies.  The students were grouped into four teams, and each team has an assigned administrator and counselor.  While the students’ CORE classes are sectioned off within specific parts of the building, students are assigned a Family and Consumer Science course that deals with character education, life skills, time management and the ability to communicate concisely. Students also take a Digital Communication class which focuses on financial responsibility and general business skills. Since electives are taught throughout the building, students are away from their CORE areas during elective hours.

The CLC design provides support for student success throughout the freshman year.  Because collaboration time is vital to the success of the CLC, students’ teachers meet monthly ( or more) to discuss successes and concerns as well as strategies for improving instruction.  Among things discussed during collaboration are consistent teaching techniques, strategies, expectations and requirements.