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July 25, 2011

Clubs & Organizations

Academic Decathlon
Sponsor - Alex Holtz

Academic Decathlon is a national competition, which involves ten subject areas.  These areas may include but are not limited to mathematics, language and literature, science, social studies, economics, music, art, speech, interview and essay.  Students compete in all of these areas for both individual and team awards in single events and overall competition.  Competition takes place at the regional and state level with the state champion advancing to the nationals.  The Decathlon team is made up of nine students, although only six are required to compete.  The team is divided into three divisions based on grade point average in core classes: Varsity (below 3.0), Scholastic (below 3.75), and Honors (no GPA limit).  The team is selected in the fall of each year.

Class Sponsors
Senior Class -  Mr. Jeff Miller
Junior Class - Mr. and Mrs. Hartman
Sophomore Class - Ms. Freiburger and Mrs. Hershberger
Freshmen Class - Mr. Homo and Ms. Kendall

Class Officers are selected by the representatives of each class.  Officer positions are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Class officers are voting members of Student Government and may hold only one (1) voting position in Student Government and not more than two (2) elected positions school-wide for the school year.  Class officers have the responsibility to plan and implement, along with the class cabinet, service and social activities for the members of their class.  Meetings are held at least once a month under the direction of the class sponsors.  Students elected to a class officer position must attend scheduled leadership training programs.  Students who are elected must also agree to abide by the Guidelines for Good School Order and the Code of Conduct and will forfeit their elected position if found in violation of school, state or federal laws.
Class Representatives

Class Representatives are elected by the members of each class. The ten representatives serve as class cabinet and class representatives to Student Government.  Students in this position represent their class in decision making at the class cabinet level and as voting members of Student Government.  A representative may hold only one (1) voting position in Student Government and no more than two (2) elected positions school-wide for the year.  Class Reps are responsible for assisting the officers in planning and implementing the service and social activities for members of their class.  Meetings are held at least once a month under the direction of the class sponsor.  Students elected to a class representative position must attend scheduled leadership training programs.  Students who are elected must also agree to abide by the Guidelines for Good School Order and the Code of Conduct and will forfeit their elected position if found in violation of school, state or federal laws.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (F.C.A.)
Sponsors - Ms. Owings, Mr. Whitten

This organization is open to all students. Meetings are held each Wednesday morning before school and monthly during the Success Period. The FCA is a national organization with membership groups (huddles) nationwide. Students will participate in a variety of activities from group discussion to motivational speakers. The FCA sponsors several programs that are open to the entire student body during success period.
Sponsor - Ms. Ringler and Mrs. Meyers

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a national nonprofit student organization that helps young men and women become strong leaders in families, careers, and communities through Family and Consumer Sciences Education. Its members are students through grade 12 who are taking or have taken Family and Consumer Sciences courses. These young people organize, develop, and lead projects that address important personal, family, career, and societal issues.  You will have the opportunity to complete community service acts, various activities throughout the school building and host the annual Fashion Exhibition in the spring.  Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, Robyn Ringler, is currently serving as FCCLA chapter adviser.
Latino Student Union
Sponsor - Ms. Brenneman

L.S.U. provides opportunities for Latinos to be active leaders in the school and in the community.  One goal of the group is to help Latino students who don’t speak English well to succeed in their academic classes.  Another goal is to help get Latinos more involved in school activities such as dances, fundraisers, tutoring, community service and mentoring.
Mock Trial
Sponsor - Mrs. Rivera

Mock Trial consists of teams of 6-7 students who assume the roles of attorneys and witnesses to argue for both the plaintiff and defendant sides in a case based on facts from an actual court case. Preparation begins in October with regional competition in February and state competition in March. Membership on a Mock Trial team is open to all students with interest in the judicial system. Along with the Memorial Coach, local judges and attorneys volunteer their time to provide special coaching.



Sponsor - Mr. Weimer

Students with musical talent may, by registering for classes, join the Memorial Band, the Orchestra, or one of several Choirs. In addition, classes in music theory and piano keyboard are also available.  These activities are both classroom and extra-curricular. Each organization holds several public concerts during the year and performs incidental music for other school functions. There are smaller advanced groups such as Pep Band, the Jazz Band, and Gold Rush; admission to these is usually by tryouts with the music instructors. Chenille letters are awarded annually to outstanding students who meet the criteria for the awards.

National Forensic League (Speech Team)
Sponsor - Mr. Efsits

Students interested in public speaking may enroll in speech classes or by joining the NFL, an extra-curricular group. Speakers participate in meets with other schools all over the northern part of the state and enter statewide competitions in the spring. Most of the meets are on Saturdays throughout the winter. Activities such as poetry interpretation, extemporaneous speaking, debate, and several others are offered. Awards in the form of chenille letters are made to outstanding speakers who meet the criteria for the award.
National Honor Society
Sponsor -  Ms. Foster

The Elkhart Memorial Chapter of the National Honor Society is affiliated with the national organization. The constitution requires that the faculty elect members.

The objectives of the group are to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate desire to render service, to prompt worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character. To be eligible for consideration for membership, a student must be a junior and have a grade point average of 3.5 or better (weighted or non-weighted). Election to membership is an honor bestowed by the faculty. Prospective members must give supporting evidence of their qualifications. The Faculty Council makes the determination of who is eligible for induction.

In the spring of the junior year, all scholastically eligible students (3.50 or better grade point average at the end of the first semester of the junior year) are considered for induction. Criteria and procedures used by the NHS Faculty Council in selecting the juniors to be invited for induction are as follows:

1.   Scholarship requires a minimum grade point average of 3.50 for induction, and members must maintain a 3.0 average each of the first three grading periods for the senior year.

2.  Leadership requires that a prospective member must currently be a member of at least one school extra-curricular activity. (Having been a member of at least one school extra-curricular activity since ninth grade may be considered for substitution.)

3.  Service requires that a prospective member must have completed one school or community service project extending over a period of several weeks or a semester, or longer, since entering ninth grade.  (Two short-term projects may be considered for substitution.) To maintain membership, the student must participate in the service activities adopted by the chapter and, in addition, must complete at least one individual service project, which has been submitted to and approved by the sponsor.

4.   Each faculty member who knows the prospective member then rates the candidate from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest on character, service, and leadership as observed by the faculty member. Character is described as integrity, positive behavior, cooperation, and ethics.

Officers are elected from the membership after induction in the spring. Officers are voting members of Student Government and may hold only one
(1) voting office in the organization. Students may hold no more than two
(2) elected positions school wide for the year. Meetings are held at least once a month under the direction of the advisor.

Pep Club
Sponsor - Ms. Ringler and Mrs. Meyers

Pep Club provides a variety of spirit-building activities for EMHS.  Membership is open to all students.  Pep Club meets during Success Period at least once a month and also after school.  Members work on spirit decorations for organizations and sport teams that compete for the school.  They also provide signs, decorations, and planning for a variety of activities.  Pep Club starts during the two weeks prior to the opening of school but students may join during the membership drive in the fall.

Physics Club
Sponsor - Mr. Taylor and Mr. Cerling

Physics Club provides extra-curricular science experiences for students through field trips, guest speakers, and projects. Members are encouraged to participate in the E.C.S. Citywide Science Fair Competition and Quarknet. Membership is open to students with special interests in physics and engineering. Meetings are monthly during success period, after school, and on weekends depending on the projects planned by the group.

Sponsor - Ms. Kendall and Ms. Magers

The school yearbook, MONOLITH, is published each June and provides a pictorial record of the year at EMHS. The school magazine, GENESIS, appears monthly and covers not only school activities but many other stories of interest or concern to teenagers. The magazine also incorporates an annual literary-arts collection as a special issue; any student may submit artwork, poetry, or stories for consideration for publication. Sales of the yearbook and magazine are offered on a subscription basis in the fall.
Students who wish to work regularly on these publications may enroll in journalism classes or may offer their services to the editors and advisor. Students who qualify are inducted in the Elkhart Memorial Chapter of Quill and Scroll.
Sponsor - Mr. Jeff Miller


S.A.D.D. is a national organization for Students Against Destructive Decisions.  Membership is open to all students at the beginning of each semester.  SADD meets at least once a month during Success Period.  SADD provides programs and incentives throughout the year to encourage teens to make positive decisions regarding their own safety and the safety of others. 


Sponsor - Mr. Anderson

The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council is a selected group of students who meet with the Superintendent on a monthly basis to discuss problems and concerns of the EMHS student body.  Students who wish to be considered for one of the at-large positions on the council should see the Activities Director.  Members are selected in the spring of the previous year.  Any student with agenda items they wish the council to discuss should submit those in writing to an SSAC member or the Activities Office. 

Sigma Beta Upsilon
Sponsor - Mrs. Boyden

The purpose of this club is to provide activities, which promote better understanding and communication of all ethnic and social groups at Memorial. SBU organizes and sponsors Black History Month activities and the annual "Teen Forum." Membership is open to all students.
Ski Club
Sponsor - Mr. Hibshman

If a sufficient number of students, usually 20 to 25, show interest and pay ski fees and transportation charges, a Ski Club may be organized.
Student Government
Sponsor - Mr. Kevin Hartman

Student Government provides a democratic forum in which students can address those school-related issues, which affect their lives. Each class elects 10 members to the Student Government based upon leadership and reliability to represent the student body. Also, each class president, National Honor Society President, Pep Club President, Editors of Genesis and Monolith, two SSAC reps, and Sigma Beta Upsilon President are automatically voting members of the Student Government. Meetings are held monthly under the direction of the advisor. Officers and representatives for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades take place during the spring of the previous school year. Ninth grade class officers and reps are elected in the fall.

Student Government officers are Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary, and Treasurer and are elected in the spring of the previous year. A student must be a member of student government for at least one year to run for office.  Officers are voting members of Student Government and may hold only one (1) voting office in the organization. Students may hold no more than two (2) elected positions school wide for the year. Students elected to a Student Government position must attend scheduled leadership training programs. Students who are elected must also agree to abide by the Guidelines for Good School Order and will forfeit their elected position if found in violation of school, state, or federal laws.

Theatre (Masquers)
Sponsor - Ms. Ackerman

Memorial offers a full theatre program. In addition to regular theatre classes, there is an all-school musical in the spring and two fall productions. Tryouts will be opened to all students; the directors will make selection of casts. Students who wish to work "back-stage" may sign up for this work as it is announced. The group awards outstanding theatre students in the spring.  Masquers is a club for students who want to be involved in theatre activities at Memorial. The group is responsible for organizing and operating the theatre events at the school.
Interested students may form a new club or interest group when a school sponsor is identified and the activity is approved.  Applications to form a new group are available in the Activities Office.  For an in depth listing of all EMHS Clubs and Organizations please refer to the 2010-2011 Charger Student Planner.