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Mr. Mark Tobolski - Principal

July 9, 2011

 Course Description


1. All students are required to wear the Memorial physical education uniform of red shorts and gray shirt. Uniforms can be purchased in the bookstore.  Socks and gym shoes are required for daily participation.  If you wish to wear sweats, they MUST BE red or gray and must be worn OVER the required red shorts.  Students are responsible for writing their name in the shirt and shorts for identification purpose, in case of theft.

2. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, and other warm clothing may be worn as directed by the instructor when going outside, but cannot be put on until after roll call.

3.  shirts must be worn at all times during class.
4.   Sunglasses and hats may be worn during outside activity with prior permission of the instructor.
5.  If you do not dress in proper attire, you will NOT be allowed participate in that day’s activity and you will lose grading points for that day. 
6.  If your clothes are “stolen”, it will be considered a NON-DRESS until you make up the time during advisory period. The make up time MUST BE done within two weeks.
7. ONLY a doctor's excuse will be accepted for an illness and/or injury. If you do not feel well, tell the instructor how you feel, but dress for the class activity and participate to the best of your ability.

8. Students with a written excuse from their doctor or religious leader (during swim unit) WILL BE assigned a modified activity for that unit.

9. Students with ISS assignments will be given written work for the days in ISS; however the participation points must be made up in the gym during advisory period.

10. During the swimming unit you must be in the water a MINIMUM number of days to meet the swim requirement and pass Physical Education. Students not participating in the swim activities due to personal reasons will be required to participate in a gym activity during those days in order to receive participation points.  The instructor will require a written note from a parent regarding the personal reasons or a doctor’s note for medical reasons.  Failure to do so will result in a non-dress each day for each day not made up.  
11. If you have a problem dressing for class activities, talk to your counselor, your instructor, or department chairperson with confidential information that may help us to understand why there is a problem. DO NOT just take NON-DRESSES.



MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL NON-DRESS POLICY – Each non-dress may result in one letter grade reduction.

Day(s) 1-4:  -20pts. Parent/Guardian may be contacted.
Day 5: “F” loss of 9 weeks credit
Day 6: You will lose semester credit, and may be withdrawn from the class to a study hall.        
1. Students NOT in the gym or pool when the TARDY bell rings will be counted tardy. Roll call will be taken 5 minutes AFTER the tardy bell rings. Students NOT in their assigned seats on the bleachers when roll call starts will ALSO be counted TARDY for class--YES; you could be counted tardy TWICE in one day!! Students that come to class late after locker rooms have been secured may bot be allowed to dress out for class and may also lose participation points.

2. Students need to respect all announcements including the pledge and the moment of silence by being quiet.

3. Students will be given ample time by the instructors at the end of the period to get dressed whether they are in the gym or pool.

4. Students will be expected to SIT ON THE BLEACHERS in the gym (or pool area) until an instructor dismisses you. No one is permitted to leave the gym or pool before the bell rings or until an instructor dismisses you after the bell has rung. Leaving before being dismissed is TRUANCY
5.  The snack machine and pop machines are NOT turned on and cannot be used before, during, or after class.

GRADING: Letter grades will be given and are figured as such:

Participation 10 points each day in each unit
Physical Skills 25 points each unit
Written Test 25 points each unit

 You will LOSE grading points for these reasons:

Non-dress -20 points
Sent out of class up to -20 points
Improper dress or language up to -10 points (please note that we have zero tolerance for these)
** Absent from class -10 points
** You can MAKE UP points for an EXCUSED absence by coming to the gym during success period to make up participation points and written tests. This MUST BE done within two weeks from the date you were absent from class. This also applies if you are gone for FIELD TRIPS, guidance meetings, Y.O.U.T.H. Forum assignments, STOP group, etc.-- YOU are responsible for informing your instructor AHEAD OF TIME if you are going to be gone as well doing the make-up work--otherwise you lose points for that day.
1. Profane or vulgar language is not acceptable in any class.
2. Cooperation and conduct in class will be considered as a part of your grade. Cooperation with ALL instructors and substitute teachers is also expected.
3. Showers are recommended but towels will not be provided.
4. Students are not  allowed to dunk the basketball, hang on the rim, or the net.  
5. Please take care of the equipment. Many items are expensive to replace. We need your help in treating the equipment with proper care. Students WILL BE charged for damage to equipment.
6. Food or soft/sport drinks, (other than water bottles) are not allowed at anytime during class.  
Because of the extended use of our locker rooms by many physical education classes, intramurals, athletic teams, and visiting teams; it is VERY DIFFICULT TO GUARANTEE 100% SECURITY AT ALL TIMES. Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE that you make sure your lock is secured whenever you are NOT in the locker room. DOUBLE CHECK. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUT OR UNLOCKED. We would also recommend that you NOT leave expensive shoes or gym clothes in your locker UNLESS they are INSIDE a gym bag. Please note that we WILL NOT open or give you a combination to someone else’s locker so you may get your physical education clothes. DO NOT share lockers or put your physical clothes in someone else’s locker.
1. Students will be assigned a locker in the dressing rooms and will be issued a lock. You may NOT use your own personal lock. DO NOT SHARE LOCKS AND LOCKERS. There are enough lockers and locks for EACH student to have their own. 
2. Students are responsible for the lock and will be charged $6.00 if it is not returned at the end of the semester. Each lock has a serial number on it for identification and is accessible via a key control in case of emergencies.
3. Give big money, important valuables, or anything too big to go into your locker to the instructor for safe keeping during class.

1. FIRE DRILLS--If you are in the gym during a DRILL you need to exit through the west gym hallway entrance door or the outside exits on the north side of the gym. If you are in the weight room you will exit out the northeast exit door by the weight room. If you are in the dance studio you will exit out the north door off the locker room hallway. If in the pool, follow the instructor's directions as to what to do during the drill. All students will meet in their attendance groups with their instructor.
2. STORM DRILLS--all classes go the CHARGER CORRIDOR (the long hallway coming back to the gym area). Follow the directions of instructors or the principal via the intercom. It is important that ALL students remain quiet and follow all directions during this drill, as we will have several classes in the Charger Corridor.         
3. LOCK DOWN DRILLS—You will need to follow the direction of your instructor. You will be either taken into one of the locker  rooms or the large classroom during this drill. During this drill it is important that you stay away from the doors and remain quiet so that instructors may receive instructions via the intercom. NO ONE will be permitted to leave the lock down area for any reason during this emergency drill.
4. EVACUATION DRILL—You will need to remain with your class during this drill as the instructor will be taking you to the nearest exit and as a class you will be going down Charger Blvd. to the Bus Garage area. It is important that you move quickly and stay together as a group as the instructor will need to take attendance when you reach the designated area.
Revised 2010